Friday, October 17, 2014

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

October 16 is Mike & my "dating anniversary".   This year made 3 years!  Not sure if it's "normal" to celebrate your dating anniversary after marriage, but I'm okay for any excuse to celebrate!

This year I decided to do a scavenger hunt for Mike.  This is really something I would love more than something he would love, but it's the thought that counts, right :)

Here are all the clues:

First clue was in waiting in his car when he left for work:


I emailed him his second clue to lead him to the ones hidden around his office:

That led him to the next clue & a Fast Break:

This led him to a Monster waiting in the fridge:

That was the last at his office.  I gave him the next after we had finished dinner:

Once we got to Bo's I gave him the next one, which basically just gave me time to set the others up in the store

Once I was finished setting them up in the store I brought him this:
That's when the fun really began.  I wasn't sure if he would be up for it, he's more of an introvert, but he played along great.  We had so much fun.



fudge (well chocolate syrup, couldn't find the fudge haha)

nuts (even though we didn't get any... haha)

cool whip! 

I was supposed to put the "wink, wink" one on Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra; but Bo's wasn't up to date enough for that :(  so we had to settle for caramel gellato--which was still amazing! 

Once we had everything (total of $13) I gave him the final card:


This was so fun for us!  It was even better when we got to go home & eat our banana splits with a glass of wine while watching a RomCom!  

This was definitely one of those gifts you give but really you're benefiting yourself as well.  But neither of us were complaining about that!  It definitely made me look forward to having kids.  I'll be able to plan fun things like this ALL the time then!

YAY!  Happy Crafting!

Monday, October 13, 2014

sunshine on a cloudy day

My little has been having a tough time.  I was having lunch with her today & decided I wanted to do something to try & cheer her up--so I made a Box Full of Sunshine!

Disclaimer:  This is seriously the easiest, cutest, cheapest gift ever!

Step 1:  Go to Dollar Tree
Step 2:  Look for yellow
Step 3:  Deliver

Seriously, that simple.

Even in our teeny dollar tree with a limited selection, I found much more yellow that I expected!  I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

There was no rhyme or reason, just yellow!  From snacks & silly putty to drinks & scrubbers.

I even lucked out & found a yellow [almost] empty box!  I took the liberty of taking the few items remaining & placing them on the shelf to take the box off their hands. :) Couldn't pass up a yellow box for my box of sunshine!

Finally, I took an index card & made a label along with a sweet note.

 & of course I HAD to get the smiley face balloon.

I almost bought a yellow tutu & yellow fair wings to wear but I figured that was probably a little much hahah  BUT I did play "Pocket Full of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield when I showed up to her apartment which I thought was very appropriate.

She loved it!  This is just a simple gesture you can do to help brighten someone's day.   It cost me $13 but the reaction & appreciation was worth so much more than that.

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


It has been a crazy past two weeks!  I had two weddings, 6 days apart!  

My brother-in-law got married September 27th in Charlotte, NC & one of my best friends got married October 3rd in High Point, NC.  LOTS of traveling in not a lot of time!

Here are some of the signs I made for their wedding!!

Hand painted Welcome to our Wedding sign

This was a bridal shower present I made for my sister-in-law.  I LOVE this & need to make one for myself!!

Song of Solomon hand painted sign

I also realized I HATE writing with chalk... it is not a fun tool to work with.

Instagram Hashtag Chalkboard Sign
Post Cards for the Couple Chalkboard Sign

Sparkler Sendoff Chalkboard Sign

M&M Candy Favor Table

Favorite Verse Chalkboard Sign

All of these items came together so perfectly for their special day.  Here is a beautiful picture of the couple's first look:

I didn't have to do any crafting for the second wedding, so I don't have any pictures to share, but I did have to write my first MOH speech!  That was such a great experience.  I was more nervous than I expected myself to be, but the Bride loved it & that's all that mattered!

This wedding was just as beautiful & the bride got us the BEST bridal party gifts!

That's all my wedding fun for now, next wedding is April 2015!  Yay for a wedding break!

Happy Crafting!