Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Funday

Today was SO productive.  We were listening to an inspirational speaker & a few things just hit home for me:

Everyone has two pains:  determination and regret.
Control the day or it will control you.
Pick something & do it!

So that's just what I did!  I've been dreaming of organizing my craft room for a while, so I finally convinced my hubby for us to go get the necessities & for him to hang me some shelves!

Still have some work for it all to come together, but this is so much more convenient that those plastic storage bins!

The first shelf:  I used old boxes (gold fish & cheese itz) & spray painted them to store all of my paint.  A left over mason jar from my wedding for the paint brushes, & all of my paint pens, markers, pens, etc in the storage container.   Lastly, my ribbon "rod"!  I didn't have a suspension rod on hand so I just used some twine!  Love this pinterest inspired idea!

The second shelf:  Another two old boxes spray painted to hold all paper products, the scrap book box I already had, & some randoms (wood glue, hot glue gun, hole puncher) that I need to try & find/make a container for!

 The third shelf:  literally the random things. Wood stain, tap, sealant, paint tray, vase full of ribbon, tiles, vinyl letters, extra material, this list goes on!  I want to try & make this a little "prettier"  also,  but for now it works!

My next goal is to make a crafting table.  I saw a great idea, where two shelves & a piece of wood were used and ta-da! A great use of space is made--storage PLUS craft table.

On a side note, since I had the hubby at work I had to take FULL advantage of this!  I made a wine rack out of a pallet probably about 6 months ago & it had just been sitting around because we didn't have anything to hang it with.  But today we finally did!  

I love this piece.  It's just a piece of a pallet that I stained.  The wine rack part was a little bit more difficult, but obviously do able!  I made the "t" pieces with wood glue, but it was so frustrating trying to glue those pieces to the pallet!  First I did them too close together so a glass wouldn't fit.  Once I got the spacing right, it was a matter of getting them all on there (without moving) & putting enough weight on it so they would be secure.  All this without being able to use clams & with a curious kitten nosing her way around haha BUT I'm so happy with the results!  I'm thinking about painting something on the front, but haven't decided yet.

Anyway, I'm off to continue organizing my craft room :) happy crafting!

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