Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding time...?

We got some amazing news last week that could change our life! (yay!) howeverrrr it could also change our wedding date! 😳   What's even harder, is we won't know for sure until potentially only 4 days before hand!! Woah! Luckily we're doing so small & haven't sent anything in writing or invited a ton of people or anything. But in all reality it's opportunities like this that really put life into perspective. That remind you that as much as you may, or may not, plan; the decision is ultimately not up to you.

Soooo, even though we're, oddly enough, hoping for our wedding to be called off , we still have to prepare for the chance that it will not be.

Saturday I went to Charlotte with my future MIL to do some last minute shopping. We got about every coral ribbon that AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, & Michael's offered.  It's hard envisioning things since we're doing so laid back & care free, but I guess that's part of the enjoyment of all of it.

Yesterday's project was mason jars, with no specific usage. Maybe vases, maybe lanterns, maybe even glasses! Who knows!   Regardless they did turn out adorable, if I do say so myself!!

They were seriously too easy (& inexpensive)!  Mason jars from Goodwill, burlap, lace, & coral ribbon from the craft store of your choice, & hot glue!  Made the bows using the "fork trick", but used a masher instead so they were bigger!

Happy Crafting! 

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